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Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to Keep Your Word

How to Keep Your Word
Subtitle: I promised you fools blogs on Monday and Thursdays. 
It's Thursday.
I hope you love me. 
AKA - The idiot's guide to insomnia...

Step 1: Ugh, for real, it is midnight and I am caught between the land of awake and asleep. See, I am awake, most likely because I could give Daniel Jackson a SERIOUS run for his money on coffee addiction, but I am so tired because it is midnight and normal people sleep at midnight and my brain is telling me to go to bed and I am kind of tired right now so, yeah, bed. 

Step 2: Wow, really 3 am? Why am I writing this? Oh, that's right, a promise those damn stupid things I keep insisting on keeping. So here I am, up at 3, because I have the bladder of a 5 year old, fully awake, sitting with the laptop trying to think of something witty to say. I've got nothing. Maybe if I go to sleep Daniel will come back. 

Step 3: 5 am  - Hot Roommate wakes up. Hun, we've been together nearly 12 years and you'd think I'd be used to how loud you really are when you are getting ready for work, but I'm not, and believe it or not I am actually laying here wishing you would just go already. I am finally asleep!!! There, if I lay here and pretend that I didn't wake up, you won't talk to me. Let's do that. 

Step 4: 6:30 am. They kids are truly fighting over cereal. At 6:30. That I bought at Sam's Club.  That I can get more of. I was having a nice dream. A strange one, talking with Jason Momoa about our significant others and no damn Hot Pants of course but maybe that is because I am cheating on him right now with Norman Reedus. GET OUT OF MY ROOM! I'M UP!!

Step 5: It's so quiet, where are all of the students? I'm not gonna say a word, just sit here and try to get things Skype boop or anything....

Step 6: Oh, wait, there they are. 

Step 7: Can I just go back to bed?

Step 8: No, for real, I am not 100% better yet, I think I am going to get in the bed. 

Step 9: Or write Daniel & Addy...they always make me better. 

Step 10: Shit! It's 8:55...I've got to get this up like PRONTO!! Look, I DID do a blog today. I swear Monday's will be funny. If I get sleep. Again. Ever.

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