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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to Retool Your Bucket List

How to Retool Your Bucket List
Subtitle: Ok, so this is more like my new list and LESS of a how to, but you get the idea. 

1. Finish Surprise Package and begin to make sense of the notes I have for original works. If you have no idea what I am talking about it is a Stargate Fan Fiction where I am trying my hand as a writer. There are two ways to find it: 

Here on Blogger - roughers versions - more sap less action:

And on - fewer stories - action versions: 

2. Get a PhD - I am thinking education instead of history. Yea, I WANT to be Daniel Jackson, but realistically speaking there is no Stargate and no real future in that here. I was meant to be a teacher, so I think that is where I am steering. 

3. Bungee Jump - Honestly, I am still a little undecided on this but I wanted 10. I'm not scared, but I am not terribly pumped about it either, so would appreciate comments. 

4. Purchase and drive a VW Beetle (classic not new) - This is WAY harder than I thought. I cannot find one anywhere! I'm not kidding, if you are in the states and are selling, I am LEGIT buying. 

5. Go on a Ghost Hunt - I found one near Gettysburg, PA but for the hype and cost Imma thinking that if I DO indeed see a Civil War General that he was probably purchased from the SyFy channel (after all, they don't need special effects anymore, all they show is wrestling). 

6. Go to a church service where they speak in tongues. (not to tease AT ALL just really fascinated). I have seen people moved by the spirit but just never in this way. I'm curious. Just call me Daniel. 

7. Complete El Camino de Santiago. I've got nothing funny. This means a lot to me.

8. Attend Mardi Gras. How very Addy-like of me :P

9. Visit a rainforest (Preferably El Yunque) . I'm not picky, I have just heard nice things about Puerto Rico and as a Spanish teacher, well, I'm biased. 

10. Visit the new 7 Wonders of the World plus a few others:  (I'm leaving out the ones I have been to already) 
                  a. The Pyramids at Giza
                  b. Stonehenge  <----------------------- LONDON 2013 with the SHANKSTERS!
                  c. The Grand Canyon
                  d. Taj Mahal
                  e. Christ the Redeemer
                  f. Great Wall of China
                  g. Macchu Picchu
                  h. Petra
                  i. Easter Island
                  j. Athens as a whole
                  k. Eiffel Tower
Not too funny today, but that shall return! Still recovering from serious illness so I will try to most Thursday but if not, have a happy new year and I will be back ASAP!


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