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Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Become Physically Fit

How to Become Physically Fit
Subtitle: Ok, I am not She-Ra, but I am working on it. Well, either her or Aeryn Sun. I’m not picky.  
** This is LONG because I am giving details. You might want to print this **
Step 1: The Diet Plan. Ok, not to bust on other diet plans, but that is exactly what I am going to do, bust on other diet plans.  The idea of not eating carbs, fats, proteins, dessert ever is just plain idiotic.  And do you ever watch those people? They just substitute what they can’t eat for crap that is just as bad.  You have to eat to get into shape.  Here is what you eat: (And a DOCTOR gave me this, not a magazine or an infomercial)
When it says number of servings one, it is using the Diabetic Exchange because my doctor said that those numbers are easy to find online and it was easier than creating a new system.  Smart idea. You will be eating a LOT. 
Or, most packages now have the serving on the side.  Use that. 
B-Fast - between 7 and 9
1 Starch
1 Milk
1 Protein
1 Fat 
Snack 1 - between 9 - 11 
1 starch
1 milk
Lunch - between 11 - 2 
1 veg
1 fruit
2 starch
2 protein
2 fat
Snack 2 - between 2 - 4
1 veg or fruit
1 starch
1 milk 
Dinner - between 4 - 7
1 milk
2 veg
1 fruit
3 starch
3 protein
2 fat
Snack 3 - between 7-10 
1 fruit
1 milk
1 protein 
Step 2: Water.  Now, this little tidbit I picked up from the R-MC soccer team (Thanks ladies).  Apparently the 8 x 8 plan is not enough water for an adult, we need somewhere near a gallon.  So buy a gallon jug at the old Walmart.  And decorate it with inspirational women that inspire you to be like them. I picked Princess Leia, Zoe Washburn, Daenerys Targaryen, Samantha Carter, Cara the Mord Sith, and Aeryn Sun. (Go ahead, hit Google, you are probably not as dorky as I) Oh and Daniel Jackson.  Making a face at me.  A face that says - Bri, did you drink your water? Because you want to be hot when you meet me ;) 
Step 3: Running.  Now, you don’t have to be insane like me, you can start small.  Remember that running is a cheap sport, easy to do, little equipment and that running is a community, your fellow runners will support you. Start small, like running a 5K race (3.1 miles).  It is really not that hard to do.  First, visit this website to download the Couch to 5K program:  Now, see how it takes 9 weeks.  Double it.  Normal people can’t really go from the coach to running that fast.  Do week one for two weeks, week two for two weeks etc.  THEN, if it gets easy, stop doubling the weeks and just follow the schedule. 
Step 4: Find a race to run and get yourself started. If you live in and around the RIchmond area or care to meet us, please comment or message me and you can join my team for the October 20th race.  Here’s the info link: I would LOVE to have you.  
Step 5: Crosstraining. Now, the running and diet just isn’t going to do it.  Because as you get skinny to get flappy (not flabby). You get bingo wings.  Here my friends is a Bingo Wing:

So what you need to do is introduce some weights while you run.  Try this to begin. 
30 minute workout: 
Run/Walk for 5 minutes
Stop and lift for 5 minutes - Do 3 sets of bicep curls (start with an 5 or 8 lb weight) and in between each set of bicep curls do 25 yoga block sit-ups. Here are some videos to help you. 
Run/Walk for 5 minutes
Stop and lift for 5 minutes - Do 3 sets of tricep curls (again 5lb or 8lb weight) and in between do 30 seconds of plank. 
Run/Walk for 5 minutes
Stop and lift for 5 minutes - Pick an exercise here for a problem area of your choice and alternate that with bicycle crunches. 
Do this instead of your running at LEAST once a week. 
Step 6: Run more, eat more, sleep more. Kick it up a notch. Here are some quick steps and links that will help you once the above exercises become too easy and you stop sweating, or you want to be a Science Fiction heroine. In which case you need to PUSH  yourself.  It takes a lot of work to be a pretend member of the Stargate program.
Step 7: Push yourself running. Register for a 10K.  Love me some cool running again.  Pick your level and click away:
Step 8: Push yourself eating and drinking.  Double up your veggies and proteins but not your carbs unless your body tells you that it needs more carbs and you will feel it.  GO with it. Stick with your diet plan, but add if you need it.  Once I get to running 15-20 miles a week I HAVE to eat 3x as many proteins and that is OK.  And, if you are unsure, talk to your DOCTOR. DOCTOR, not some stupid overpriced gym coach that is trying to sell you fitness drinks.  Your doctor went to med school, listen to them! 
Step 9: Let’s run a (1/2) marathon: . Pick your level.  Register.  Run with me on November 10th.  We can die together in Richmond. Maybe I can even get Shanks to give me a a good luck tweet. He has before, maybe he will think I am adorable in Chicago and do it again. 
Step 9A: Add in some variety! Try Yoga.  Get a Recumbent bike.  Try an elliptical.  And see step 10 below. 
Step 10: Let’s look at my week, shall we? 
Monday - I run
Tuesday - I bike (add 1 hr. on the recumbent bike - google those, they’re great) 
Wednesday - I run
Thursday - I cross train and then go to Yoga practice
Friday - I bike 
Saturday - I lift and do a light jog
Sunday - I rest, watch Sookie and DRINK WINE!!! Enjoy!! Because I am NOT giving up Wine. Or chocolate. Or fun things for that matter. I can just run more on Monday. 
Please let me know if you have any questions. I changed my stars.  So can you...

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