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Monday, June 4, 2012

How to Make it to Friday

How to Make it to Friday 

Subtitle: In case you haven’t figured out yet, Thursday is the BEST day of the week.  And no my fellow RMC grads, I felt this way BEFORE SAE :)
Step 1: Pizza for Breakfast. You'll need to start your Thursday as magnificently as you shall end it.  Why Pizza? Pizza is the perfect bad as hell for you food. It is full of carbs, covered in cheese and other mess and tastes frikkin’ amazing. Eating it at breakfast too gives you all damn day to burn those calories.  Oh, you mean why am I, Miss Health Nut eating pizza? Shut up, I count calories all the rest of the damn week, I’m entitled.  
Step 2:  Elive (The virtual classroom).  Students make everything better.  Now I understand not everyone teaches, or online for that matter, or you are just starting your classes after reading my amazing post on April 11th, 2012, but children make everything better.  And, especially if you teach middle or high school, they get less, hmmm, cautious of their words later in the week.  Friday they are 100% brain dead, but Thursday they are just there enough give you something to laugh at.  Here is a little conversation my students had just last week: 
 Me: Today we are going to be talking about verbs like gustar. Since they look a lot alike we can call them sisters. 
Student 1: Does gustar’s mother know?
Me: Huh? Know what?
Student 1: That gustar’s daddy was steppin' out on her.  
Me: Dear lord, let’s move on.  Now, if you will look at the board you will see a list of verbs like gustar. Please copy them into your notebook.  
Student 2: What does molestar mean? 
Student 1: HAHAHAHAHA (uncontrollable) 
Student 3: No me gusta cuando las curas les molesta a mi.  (English translation - gustar = like, cura = priest, you can put it together) 
Me: And to think I have to teach you children poner next week in the preterit (Spanish teacher joke - just look it up ) 
Step 3: Lunch Time Workout.  Yes, workout.  You ate pizza for breakfast genius, remember? Yeah, it’s that bad for you, which is why we are fat folk because we think that shit like pizza is acceptable daily fare.  Rant over.  In preparation for the insanity of fitness I will put you through tonight, keep it to light cardio or light weights.  Don’t need to run, jog, and for the love of God if you are a teacher, do so AWAY from the children. You are grown and if you need 15 year old boys to affirm your ego, eww...., just no.  That, and they like to mess with you, call you old and stuff.  Their filter is gone by this point in the week, remember?
Step 4: Thirsty Thursday. Now, at least in Richmond, it has become quite popular to start the weekend on Thursday.  And not just at the frat houses.  Everyone from Chili’s to that hole in the wall mexican place will have some kind of drink and food special.  Everyone. Now granted, the place might be filled with drunken obnoxious ex-frat boys but the wings are free, so are the nachos and some of those obnoxious frat boys may buy you drinks.  Because free booze is always good.  Always. 
Step 5: Yoga. Did ya think I’d let you go home yet?  Whose blog exactly are you reading? Yoga is the entire reason I live for a Thursday.  In an effort to maintain my blog’s sarcastic integrity and general smartassery I will say this.  Yoga makes you flexible. Flexible can help in step 11.  But Bri, there is no step 11?  If step 10 is Spanish wine, step 11 is..... good... there you go....
Step 6: Night Running. Yes, running, at night.  As the weather gets better, the days get hotter, Richmonders switch their run times to night.  Starting as early as May, there are TONS of road races, that begin at late as 7 p.m. Night races rock because it is not as hot, but not freezing in the a.m. cold, people are awake enough to really cheer you on and in many cases party down.  Usually there is a legit party right after the race, and if you bust yourself up you have a perfect excuse to take off from work on Friday because you were probably running for charity.  And running for charity makes you look morally superior. And we liked that didn’t we? 
Step 7: Good TV.  So, during the “school year” honestly the best damn TV on comes on Thursdays. Personally, I prefer the entire NBC comedy line-up, starting with Community, Parks and Rec, The Office and 30 Rock.  Normally I hate comedy, basically because I have reached a point in my life where fart jokes just aren't funny anymore, but this is smart people humor.  Best part is, when Tina Fey makes a "smart person joke" and pauses.  I honestly find those jokes as funny as the fact that most people watching are trying to figure out why she paused because they don’t get it.  
Step 8: Saving Hope. OH DEAR LORD.  Now, I want to preface this with the fact that Thursday and Sunday are the only days I watch TV ever and in the summer, well, if it ain’t Sookie, it ain’t on.  Not anymore, because my one and only celeb crush EVER is back on TV.  So, no more replaying Stargate DVD’s over and over and no more checking the Burn Notice episode to see if it is a Victor one.  Thursdays, on NBC at 9 (the BEST timeslot) starting THIS WEEK June 7th 2012 is the Premiere of Saving Hope, a medical drama with a supernatural twist.  And you guys know I hate EVERYTHING and the promos that a being released have got me totally excited!! It looks AWESOME! Bout 'damn time there was new TV that was NOT about Pawn Shops and Storage Units!! Here is the description and a review, since me describing it will only make me gush annoyingly so about Michael Shanks and Hot Roommate will kick me out onto the sofa because I just won't stop...

And, don’t take my word for it.... I asked him what HE wanted me to tell you guys... here is HIS response....(because like I keep saying he is the nicest man in the world!!)

@MichaelShanks Before I crash, I was gonna plug ur show in my blog. Anything you want me to say?

@ladiosabri just that it is going to be great. and that comes from someone who rarely has anything nice to say about stuff he is in....

Which brings me to step 9....
Step 9: Hot Bath/Cold Shower. Which one? Depends on your activities from above. Did you work out? Or did you watch a certain gorgeous Canadian actor on TV? Now, answer your own question.  I've got mine. Either way, somehow end up in the bathtub, preferably with a nice book that doesn’t require thought.  Trust me on that one.  I tried to read Atlas Shrugged in the tub.  Didn’t work out so well...
Step 10: At last, but never least, it is time for your Spanish Wine. Please do not confuse Spanish Wine with anything you might have enjoyed at Thirsty Thursdays; Spanish wine is an event all of its own that deserves its own attention and accolades.  And it doesn’t give you as a bad a hangover.  Which is important, because after the last couple of posts you have probably run out of Blackberry tea.  

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