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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

About me....

Alright, before I start trying to solicit followers I figure a bio might be nice so you can decide whether or not I am worth following.  If that is what you are doing reading this, wise choice.

I am a wife and mom of two from Central Virginia.  I teach online with probably the best faculty on the planet and have the greatest students.  No sucking up there in case my boss reads this; I am deadly serious.  I homeschool my kids, not because I am 'afraid they will learn what sex is' or because I think evolution is a communist conspiracy, but because I am a teacher and I think I can do the job just fine.  I am sure the next thing you are wondering is if my kids stay locked up in the house all day and *gasp* are not socialized.  Yeah, if I had had as active as social like at 5 and 7 that my kids have now my mom would have had to be medicated.

I married one of my best friends from college so we don't act normal.  At all.  We goof off and our idea of a great way to spend out 9th wedding anniversary is to go bungee jumping or something like that.  Yes, I have been married 9 years.  At this posting I am only 31.  Do the math, I was young.  But it has been a fun, wild ride and I will be posting a "How to" on how to have as much fun as we do.  Apparently, we are cute or something.

Like I said, I am a teacher.  I have taught Spanish in some way, shape or form for 12 years.  Go ahead, do the math again.  That will be another "How to."  I had the incredible privilege of having a Mexican Godmother who impacted my life in ways I do not think she will ever understand and I will love her for it forever.  Between her influence and the fact that when she and my mom FORCED me to take Spanish I got the smoking hot Spanish teacher from Spain (my first crush - Michael Shanks is my second - more on that later) who ended up being the greatest teacher I ever had.  So, I became a Spanish teacher.  And for those folks still stuck on the homeschooling, I am also state certified K-8, and Social Studies 9-12.  So there :p Taught those bad boys too.

I am a pretty open minded person and an overall geek.  I was not the Barbie playing kind of kid (Carla if you are reading this, stop. RIGHT NOW.  Do NOT post a comment), I was the I want to be Princess Leia and kick ass kind of kid. (On a side note I have found it quite exciting as an adult to find out how freakin' AWESOME Carrie Fisher is!!) So, I watched movies, acted out stories, wrote stories and made geeky friends that many years later I am proud to still call my friends.  Star Wars was my first love and then I went through the Labyrinth/Dark Crystal creepy puppet phase for a while, got into the Neverending Story and then Stargate in high school.  The latter did me in..... So, every now and then there might be a post about something nerdy, or about zombies, or about vampires, indulge me.  A housewife's gotta do what a housewife's gotta do.

And, if you can't get enough of my odd sense of humor or my insanity, I tweet.  Follow me @ladiosabri :-) I also write Stargate Fan Fic, where I have conveniently created an insert character so I get to marry Daniel Jackson (don't worry, she's like a cooler me, sarcastic, very fun) so if you peeps want to read them comment and I just might post one....

And so, I'm afraid without any ado whatsoever ..... (bonus points if you know what movie that is from...) 

Here we go....

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