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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A letter to my Representative

Dr. Brat,

Brianne XXXXXXX here (RMC, class of '01) and I am writing to urge you to do something, anything, to stand out against the ease in which people can obtain and use military-grade weapons in this country. I include my graduating class as I respect you outside of this office and want you to know that I am fully aware of not only how hot-button an issue this is, but that I understand the facts of the matter as they stand.

1. I realize "owning guns" is part of the 2nd amendment. I majored in History. However, this amendment, as you know, specifically calls for a "well-regulated militia." The fact that my neighbors, who DRINK while SHOOTING "legal" semi-automatic weapons at all hours of the night is proof enough that we are not well-regulating any sort of militia. In fact, the level of regulation for something that constitutionally is supposed to be regulated is astounding compared to the lengths I have to go through to drive a car, register property, get married or divorced, all of which are activities that are not created to kill. Gun, however, are created for exactly that purpose. There is only a background check, no requirement to actually prove the ability to use such a weapon and no continuing education/renewal to continue such usage (as we are required to for an automobile). It just doesn't make any sense.

2. Isolated incidents of crime such as this are typically found to be tied to mental illness, despite the rallying cries of terrorism/gun control/etc. And yet, that being the case, your party does nothing in terms of promoting better mental health care. In fact, the Republican party, the party that is supposed to represent the Christian faith, casts aside "lepers" in such a fashion that is not only disappointing, but contrary to the faith they claim to support.

3. Finally, the United States touts itself as the great "Melting Pot," the "Land of Opportunity" and a place of equality. However, rarely do I see our representatives on popular media platforms reminding people of this very fact. You don't have to like what an individual does in their personal life, but as long as it is not a violation of the law, they have a right to do it. Instead, you are letting your party be represented by reality television trash, someone who I was forced to endure my parents and my ex-husband watch on television, who called women derogatory names, uses constant hateful and racial slurs, and brags about cheating the system. This is the person who commented on this tragedy, and of course, did so in a crass uneducated manner. Where are MY representatives? If mainstream media cuts these things out, then you know what? Stop buying $400 ink pens and get a Congress cable channel and report to us yourselves. Not CSPANN, but an actual outlet where you can do what the founders intended representatives to do: report to the people. Not hide in their offices.

In understand the difficulty in what you do. I myself have been approached to run for local office here in Hanover, and have politely refused, as it is a responsibility I do not wish to bear. However, those who do must do so for the greater good and not for their own personal glory. That's why become educators after all, right? You weren't going to become wealthy and famous teaching at R-MC, no more than I will when I begin my own professor post once my doctorate is complete. Representing the people of your country should be no different.

Thank you for your time. I hope to see you around campus soon.

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  1. THIS! SO THIS! Watching from afar with disbelief and despair. Much hugs to you, Danny and the kiddos.