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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A rambling on the state of things

Let’s be honest for a moment…

America was founded by those seeking “fortune and glory,”
It was populated by those wanting to be who they were, without persecution,
It was won by those who saw the opportunity to be great, even if it took change and sacrifice,
It was strengthened by creators, thinkers, challengers, those who took up the mantle to question,
And then it stopped.
Because despite those seeking fortune and glory nearly ruining it all, TWICE, in ONE century, WE, the creators, thinkers, challengers, those wanting to be who we are have stopped.
We’ve stopped creating.
Instead we copy what has been done before, calling it upcycling, rebranding, as if it is actually an original idea...
We’ve stopped thinking.
Instead we allow others to think for us, citing religion, citing articles on social media, citing news outlets, citing friends…
We’ve stopped challenging.
Instead we worry about who we might anger, because that’s uncomfortable and any argument any confrontation is unhealthy and toxic and that needs to end. Drug it, stop it, NO bad feelings here, let’s all live in a happy haze of never worrying about anything not being hunky dory all the time…
We’ve stopped taking up the mantle.
Instead we pick easy causes and let ourselves get distracted by things that are non-issues and by celebrity gossip while the real problems just keep mounting…
And we’ve stopped being who we are because we’re so worried about who someone else WANTS us to be…

And then it’s over, or it’s over for someone else, and we make a meme or write a eulogy and talk about missed opportunities and reflections and changes that will never be taken again only to go back and not take them ourselves.

Because we won’t create, think, challenge, or do ANYTHING.

And we let those who destroyed the first people to take their riches, and those who are destroying us to take ours just keep destroying.

But it’s ok.

The Voice is on.

And click the red “x”.

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