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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How to Send it Off

How to Send it Off
Subtitle: This is NOT a year in review, well totally, this is a return to my blogging roots :D 
No advice here, just silly! 

Here goes nothing...

I have to admit that January sucked some ass
Sorry for already using words that are so crass

In February plans were made 
And we figured out where we had strayed

By March I was running like a fool
And met a Canadian who was rather cool

In April our life was in full swing
But I was too excited as to what summer would bring

May we wrapped up the year of school and work
Loving and living each and every little perk

In June I just enjoyed my two little shits
Who kept my company as I finished my work bits
There were some laughs with Carl Mool I just have to mention
That helped relieved the 2 a.m. tension

When along came July when I jumped some crazy brit
And together we tore up the London Film & Comic Con a bit

August for me and my man was the big ten
Spent it in Chicago with some amazing people, my sister wife, and Stargate's Big Ben ;)

September the school year started anew
And I got to jump Hot Pants for time number two

I wish I could remember much of October
And it's because of the training you jerk; I was perfectly sober

I accomplished a dream on the sixteenth of November
as I ran a marathon, something I will always remember

So then came December and we looked back, 
on things that had happened and things that hadn't.

You see, life is what you make it, you can't sit around.
If you're waiting for it to happen for you, then YOU'RE at fault for your frown. 

So here's to the new year, and the adventures it may bring.
Don't be afraid to be yourself, do your own thing. 
Sure there will always be something that is out of reach. 
But don't let that control your life, look for the lessons it can teach. 

As for me, this will be a years of races,
on the road as well as other interesting places.
Best wishes to you and yours for an amazing year,
Know that YOU are in control of the direction you steer. 


  1. Wish I could write as well as you do.... :) might have to try something for my blog... :)

    Kriss :)