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Friday, September 6, 2013

How to Blow Up a Twitter Feed

How to Blow Up a Twitter Feed 
Subtitle: I follow so many Stargate people on social media you would have thought that today they announced last days. 
Then again, things have gone too well this week...

I really wasn't paying too much attention to this today as I spent most of the day trying to change the ringer on my Skype work phone because last year that shit haunted my dreams. Oh, and my GRE scores came in so I was a tad preoccupied obsessing over my grad school apps but between my social media exploding and my local friends all texting me about the possibility of a new Stargate movie, I figured I had to weigh in. 

So, how do I feel? Right now, kinda indifferent. First, it's a reboot, which a selfish part of me is happy about. Let's face it, they are not gonna make a move with Shanks and company again simply because our society seems to have an obsession with sexualizing children. So since the gorgeous Amanda Tapping is not 17 with no boobs, she's not blockbuster material, at least here in the US. Now, before you people explode, I think SHE is, I THINK the entire cast of SG-1 is awesome, but let's face it: Hollywood put SHIA LABEOUF in Indiana Jones. A stupid no talent Disney-channel actor. Because we seem to like when Disney actors become disgusting trashy young adults and take their clothes off. 

I hurt for Harrison Ford every time I see the Crystal Skull...

Secondly, unless they're gonna do the story right, there's no point. No matter who you ship in the series, we all have to admit that there was a LOT of trying in seasons 9 & 10 of SG-1 that in some instances made little sense and upset fans who had been loyal for years. I know a lot of people that pretend those last two seasons didn't even exist, some of who came for Browder at the Stargate con I volunteered for, telling me there were there as a FarScape fan only, not season 9 & 10. I think that opinion alone is part of the hesitation.  That and Universe is now part of canon and that didn't go over well in some circles either. 

Oh, and we all know that Daniel ends up with Addy, and unless someone's got Shanks and Bridget Reagan on retainer, let's stick with the reboot. 

Selfish, I know. 

On the other hand though, the reboot could be good, not just as a new movie, but possibly re-imagined in a fun way (Shoot me, but I'm a Trekkie and really like the new Star Trek almost as an Alternate Universe type thing) that could benefit the original show. Next year is the last Stargate Con in the US and they are dying out all over the world, but if there was a reboot, with nods to the original, it could bring a raised interest in the original movie (which made me fall in love with Daniel in the first place) and series (all of them). I teach, for those of you who don't know, and my students are all into ALL of the Treks now because of the new movies. In teaching my AP classes I can now refer to the Kirk/Uhura kiss as we discuss human rights because most of my students have now gone back and watched the original series. Interest in the old movie and series can be good for actors, cons and merchandisers alike, all of whom, in case anyone has forgotten, make a living doing this. I have friends that help organize major cons (names hidden for nutjob reasons) but I know for a FACT a guest can make upwards of $100,000 in one weekend from autographs/talks/photos. 

Sounds like a nice way to travel and make money to me. 

My only caution is this, to whoever may be reading this and can pass this on: 


Sure, I'm in the league of Daniel's HOTTER THAN HELL like many, but I would NOT have thought that had he just been shooting shit as the camera bounced erratically and forgot the purpose. What sucked me into all of the originals was the story, the complexity of some of the topics covered and how they dug into the characters. I jokingly sent a tweet today about Michael Bay or Bey or whatever, but I can't watch his films. They make me seasick and I completely forget the point of any of it since whatever anyone was trying to say is overshadowed by explosions or the camera acting like a five year old hopped up of caffeine. 

I guess time will tell. I'm still terrified that Disney is gonna screw up Star Wars, but I am hoping that Carrie Fisher would bitch slap anyone even remotely like Selena Gomez and that alone gives me faith. 

(So, any Stargate peeps that might read this and maybe get asked to be a new film - Miley Cyrus HATES 'Twilight' {I'd be happy to mail you a copy to scare her off with} and Robert Pattinson doesn't like to be crowded. I'm just trying to help you guys out here :D ) 


  1. Been a Trek fan since '69 and really can't watch the new films...the first one I watched once and felt so disappointed at the end they they didn't go back to the universe I knew...I am afraid I love my original characters too much.

    When BSG was going to be redone I thought yeah great! then found out that they were making Starbuck a girl and that was it put me off straight away!

    I have no problem with anyone liking the new shows because we are all different but please don't dislike me because I love my original characters too much.

    I will see what the premise of the the new films are and if they redo with totally different characters then I might watch to see what he comes up with, but with the same may be a bit hard to take.

    Kriss :)